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Polish craft Potato Vodka

Once upon a time vodka from the Slavic lands of its origin had taste, character and a spirit of place. But over the past two centuries governments, big business and globalization have turned it into a largely tasteless industrial spirit suitable only for mixing with something else. Vodkas are now distinguishable, one from another, more by their expensive packaging than by anything in the bottle itself. Purity, the commercial producer’s holy grail, means three, four and sometimes five separate distillations, each successive rectification stripping the spirit of further dignity and character.

At Vestal Vodka we see purity as a more homely and down–to–earth quality. We pick our potatoes early when they are small and full of flavour.

We are fussy about which variety we plant and exactly where they are grown, aware that what a French winemaker would call terroir is equally important in our business.

We distil just once to capture and retain all the exotic aromas and tastes that give each of our small batches their spirit of both time and place. We print the year of production on the bottle because we can never make exactly the same spirit in successive years. Finally, we use simple old-fashioned vodka bottles and equally simple packaging. What’s in the bottle is more important than the shape of it.

The results astonish those familiar with commercial vodkas. Simon Difford, a British spirits guru in the mould of wine’s Robert Parker, has given an unprecedented 5+ (out of five) to our 2010 vintage Kaszebe and 4.5 for both the 2009 and 2010 of our Podlasie, another of the regions of Poland where we grow our potatoes.

Since we’ve calculated that a 5+ score from Difford is equivalent to a 100/100 Robert Parker score for wine, we are tempted to call ourselves the best vodka in the world.

But better decide for yourself

Taste any of our young potato vintages against any commercial vodka and see what you think.

Pomorze Unfiltered Potato Vodka

Early picked red-skinned Asterix potatoes are grown near the Baltic coast. A lively fermentation and single distillation have given this vodka lovely natural aromas of blueberry and liquorice. It has a smooth velvety mouth feel that makes it perfect for sipping and savouring.

Vestal Blended Potato Vodka

Made from Innovator, Asterix and Russet Burbank varieties of potato, Vestal vodka is a balanced vodka that has been filtered once and is made specially as a base for cocktails and all other drinks that include vodka. We suggest you try this in a Vestal vodka martini.

Kaszebe Unfiltered Potato Vodka

Made from the Vineta early picked potatoes from the sandy soils of Kaszubia in northern Poland this robust spirit offers hints of green banana, walnut and a creaminess unique to this vintage. Sip and savour or mix subtly to retain its essence.

Vestal Aged Vodka

Vestal Aged Vodka has a smooth, creamy mouth feel with lovely suggestions of vanilla, spices, toasted oak on the nose and palette, enjoyed as a sipping vodka in front of a roaring fire or as the base in an Vestal Old Fashioned or Vestal Manhattan.

Vestal is best sampled just slightly chilled (14-15 degrees). A bulbous glass is perfect for tasting.

Available through Amazon, La Maison Du Whisky, Ocado, Master of Malt, Whisky Exchange & all good bars in Poland, London, Paris & USA

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